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H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is an incredibly dangerous and toxic substance, and without the proper training you could die. Tens of Thousands of people work safely everyday in environments where Hydrogen Sulfide gas may be present. Though Hydrogen Sulfide is an incredibly dangerous and toxic substance, quality awarness training will equip you with the nessesary knowledge to stay alive. Awarness training is legally required annually by anyone working around H2S, and Rapid H2S Training is the fastest growing H2S awarness training online. Rapid H2S Training is striving to be the Gold Standard in online H2S awarness training. Rapid H2S training helps fulfill the training requirments of API recommended practice 49, ANSI Z390.1, and other regulatory standards.

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The global demand for energy is at an all time high as the worlds population continues to rise. Though job growth has been slow for the last several years, the energy sector has remained stable and continues to grow. New technologies provide more and more effective and efficient ways to meet the worlds demand for energy. However, without trained and motivated individuals to fill the growth gap, and take the place of knowledgeable senior workers rapidly retiring, this task cannot be achieved. The bottom line is that the need for people in the energy sector is rapidly rising. Many jobs within this sector bring workers into environments where H2S gas is present. Be prepared and get your training now!